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An idea that grows stronger and begins to shape itself as eight minds cultivating the same passions meet and start to nurture these passions by putting in place their skills and experiences acquired over the years. Eight Founders was born from the union of different professional skills, each of them specific but at the same time complementary to the others. Eight Founders turns the idea into a real project: create concrete and easy accessibility to the business opportunities and advantages that the world of the web is offering, through services and projects aimed at optimizing the meeting between supply and demand.


The Web represents a great advantage for Businesses and can offer them new opportunities for growth. It is essential to know how to make the best use of these opportunities and to have mastery of all the tools needed to compete successfully in the global marketplace. With extensive experience in all aspects of online business and a deep understanding of the target market combined with the specific skills of each team member, Eight Founders is able to offer a range of services of the highest quality: from marketing to design, from development to customer care. Eight Founders offers a wide range of unique digital solutions tailored to each client's needs for increasing online visibility, generating and increasing sales, and building effective marketing campaigns. In today's fast-paced world, traditional companies often struggle to keep up with the competition. It is critical to be able to adapt quickly and efficiently to changing markets and customer needs with a customized approach to business.


A new Project powered by Eight Founders S.r.l.

Shoppy Code is a new digital Advertising and Promotion Platform that directly connects Brands with Consumers.
The certainty of acquisition for the Brand and the certainty of reward for the Consumer simultaneously satisfies supply and demand. All in an easy, direct, intuitive and above all immediate way.

Shoppy Code